Why is it that I get hungry in the middle of the night? I dont normally give in to this but some nights it is too strong. It is a good thing I dont keep any crappy food in the house so I am stuck with tangerines or dried cranberries.

Sleep comes hard most nights, even though I try to wake around the same time each day and GET UP..it is a push..must get up..must eat so I can take the ton of supplements and few scripts that will sustain some sort of energy through the day. It is a schedule yet somedays (seems like Sunday especially) I sleep LATE..Im up at 8 but go back..then wake around 11ish. Always hear about it from my husband. Maybe because I know he is taking care of stuff and if I am sleeping I must need the rest. If sleep comes I give in to it.

If I can only keep the midnight snacks to a minimum.  🙂