One would think when you go into an EmergiCare center the Doctor who has plaques covering the walls would be able to look at the bite I received at some point and at the very least start me on an antibiotic. I woke with a 4×2 bullseye rash at the top of my thigh. Now, from what i have read there doesnt need to be a tick still embedded. The rash could come 3 or more days later. I will give him credit for taking the time to listen, and without me going into the specifics with him of my 6 year history of chronic pain, he listened to my lungs ( my chest has hurt for 3 days, cant take deep breaths) he weighed out what my symptoms were and came to the conclusion that I was having withdrawl of meds due to a Prednisone pack i took inhibiting the meds from doing their job. The clammy skin, the sweating/freezing, the shakiness.Kudos to him for the decision..but then he says go home and take 3-4 xanax..really? Maybe a hot bath along with it, that would certainly remove the chest pain as I wouldnt be alive to feel it.

This morning I woke and hubby took me to Hospital Lab for blood work Dr ordered a while back. I havent been able to drive due to dizziness. 10 vials of blood and I got lightheaded and nearly fainted, I couldnt see for a few seconds. They put cool rags on me, layed me into a recliner and gave me ice water and apple juice. I thought I would throw up and it took a good half hour before I could stand. I left the lab in a wheelchair. Great..another huge leap towards loserdom. I am so glad I didnt drive myself, I would not have been able to get home.

Now today I have been trying to force tiny bits of food so I can take meds. I can get down liquids without feeling lie I will puke. Every joint in my body hurts, maybe allergic reaction to bite?

Well..I did get lucky, called my specialist and he had 1 cancellation for next week..fingers crossed he will have a clue.