Trust is something I always had in people and they had in me. All that has changed and now I am a fucking outcast not to be trusted..why? Because I spoke my mind and told the truth to someone who didnt want to hear it. Because lies were told about me to frighten and reduce that trust. Because others were found to be more trustworthy and relied upon.

It fucking kills me..All I ever did was try to show love and kindness, try to help in every way I could, try to restore strength in someone who felt weak and worthless. Now that they are strong they dont need me anymore..swept to the fucking side and shoveled into the trash. Fucking talked about and laughed at and snubbed if I happen to run into them. I did nothing to deserve the punishment I take from them. How did I become the bad guy, the boogie man..everything bad blamed on me so there could be a scapegoat.

I would rather be alone than look at or hear about or see other people that just use you and throw you away. A fucking loser used to be..used to be trusted, used to be loved, used to be a friend..all fucking taken away by fear. It really fucking sucks.