Last night I read something that said ” Do two things tomorrow that will move you forward” , I thought this was smart especially for me who is so overwhelmed by everything. So today I chose to price items I have for flea market and then go to the market and clean up and make room for my stuff. Well, I did it, took longer than I thought, havent been in a month and what a mess. I could have still spent another hour just sorting, dusting…No way could I have done this last week. Maybe antibiotics are making me feel a bit better. My pain seems to be less.

I am making choc chip cookies too. So that and a load of wash completed I have done more than the two things I expected. I must rejoice in this so I dont feel like it was worthless. All in trying to help myself.

I still have anger, aggravation, but trying to cope better. It is like I didnt want to cope, it is that I could not cope. I just didnt have the will inside me. No one could get it unless they lived or are living it.

Going to enjoy my cookies for now.