Theres going to be a time very soon when I will have my own life. Where I can wake and breathe freely, eat when I want, go outside if I want, live as I want.
Of course it will not be perfect, I am not expecting it to. I expect my share of health issues as I have had wont be gone. I expect I will be forced to live simply and frugally, which I mostly have done. I cant think of anything I would want for except freedom. It may even be harder to live because I will be in a new unknown place, no transportation, no one to share with. I will be somewhere I can act, think, see, do, whatever it is my mind tells me to do without having to ask, question or shut up about. This place may be a fairy tale, it may be in my head, it may be the last thing I think about as I breathe my last breath. This place will finally bring happiness into my life. It will allow me to be who and what I want to be. It may not have a roof, or a floor, it may not look out at changing scenery but i will see it as I want, I will see what is real. I will finally be free.