What if you had a friend that you were so close with and had a long lasting friendship with during your childhood into teenage years, if you remained somewhat social through your twenties, maybe lost contact but still random emails or comments on Facebook,  if during those teen years you were like family, it felt like you lived at her house, her Mother was like your second Mom, if your home life wasnt great and you learned much about life from your second Mom, if you loved her family as if they were your own and even after moving away, you visited often and spent every Xmas eve with them, you watched her family grow just like you would your own. What if you moved away but every time you went back you made sure to visit ‘Mom’, always felt welcome in her home and still felt like you were family. What if  ‘Mom’ became ill, you hear about it on Facebook, you contact your friend who was like your sister at one point in life, you call and get to talk to ‘Mom’ but your friend wont talk with you, wont respond to emails, comments, calls? What if you realize the illness is going to take  ‘Mom’ away much sooner than her time. What if you have no way to contact, no response from family, you get bits and pieces of news from Facebook? What if one night you sign online and see a random prayer post from a person you dont know mentioning your friend and when you follow the link you see that ‘Mom’ has died 3 days ago?

What has become of our society that there is no personal communication and the only news you hear or see is random postings on a social network as the network seems fit to tell you. You dont get all the ‘news’, you get the ‘top’ stories that some site has deemed that way. Posts made to tell the mass audience dont get seen by half the people you think.

Finding out someone you love, who you have had 40 years of love and memories with, dies after a short sudden illness and you arent told, your messages arent responded to, you are just one of the ‘friends’ on Facebook that maybe will see a post that you dont see until days later is really something that hurts, angers, frustrates, aggravates and is just plain inconsiderate.  This is the social world we live in..the non-personal, cold, anonymous, on screen world, where no one really has to deal on an emotional level with anyone anymore. Yet Facebook strives to make our lives more public, more social, no privacy and quantities of friends, not qualities of them, it is failing, it has failed, it failed me, hurtfully, painfully and emotionally enough that I am done. I no longer want to associate with ‘friends’ I have had for 40 years who could care less if loved ones arent important enough to communicate with on a personal level.

Throughout my life I have been one of the most social people I know, now I cant stand people. I am over the bullshit drama they bring and the cold way they treat each other.  I have little to no patience for it all anymore. The very few close friends I have are the only ones I will ever have. I will no longer be trusting or naive that people can be ‘real’ anymore.
Cynical? YES.