It happens every time..attachment to a pet and grief at its death. how many times do you go through it when it becomes easier. It doesn’t. It never will.

Not only a pet but a confidant, a grateful, perceptive sweet love that could never come from a person. They know when you are hurting, they know when you need love. They respond to the things you say to them that they learn consistently means how grateful you are in return.

My love, my heart has died a little more this week. I buried my friend, my beautiful girl. She didnt deserve the way she died. Thankfully it was quick and she looked as pretty as when she was breathing. My disbelief and sadness is still there, this one has been harder on me than some of the others in the past. She was always and will always be special. She is at peace and although her life was wonderful and she lived it the way she wanted, I could only wish her the same happiness and freedom forever. She is with the others..all loved, all mourned, all respectfully laid to peace.

Life can really throw shit at you quickly..I could never believe that I am being tested because it would only be cruelty. In the end, it teaches you to cherish, to treat every thing, human, animals..with decency and love and patience.

I will miss my pretty girl, mama loves her.