Fuck her, lying, uncaring, selfish, bitch. Tell me you think of me all the time but never call. Say you dont want to call, say you dont want to talk say you are too busy, say you aren’t alone, say your phone is dead, say your phone has no service, say you fucking have no time. FUCKING EXCUSES.

You make no time, you dont fucking care and when asked directly “do you care” you are fucking silent…you silence speaks fucking volumes. I hear you. I FINALLY HEAR YOU>I have heard you but I fucking was stupid and held on, held on for too long. Destroyed my life, my marriage, my mental state, my health, Destroyed everything for you. Gave it all up for you, Yet you led me along while I was there for you, there to touch you, there to fill your needs when you needed me, always at your convenience, Never at mine. Never my needs, I believed you like a fool. I believed for too long, You prove to be a liar every fucking time you open your mouth.

You tell me you think about me every minute, yet II would ne ver know that because you dont fucking call me. When I call you you fucking are silent..SILENT..SILENT..I have to ask every question, I have to beg you to tell me anything. And out comes fucking lies. Your life is a chaotic fucking mess, unorganized, impulsive, self involved, making yourself out to be better than you are. I never cared but then you took everything I had and used it all against me. When you needed me I was there, all those mornings for years, all those times you were down I listened, I gave you my time. I gave you my love. You are a fucking cold hearted bitch and you took took took. I deprived myself of time, of self importance, I was late so many times because you needed me. Now you need no one. You shit on everyone along the way and now on top you look down. You live in fucking fear of who you think you are. You are NOT that person, you never will be, no matter how much you pray or think you someday will live you true life you are fucking lying to yourself because you are fucking afraid. 

I am DONE>DONE DONE DONE> I will fucking slit my wrists and bleed to death before I fucking spend one more moment thinking about you. FUCK YOU ..I wish you all the fucking hurt and pain you have caused everyone. For what you have done to me I fucking HATE HATE HATE you. I am sorry for any love I ever showed you because you were undeserving. I am sick over the years I have lost trying to be there for you , to help you, to support you.