I know things arent and never will be perfect. But I will NOT be on eggs shells and afraid to open my mouth..and that is right where I am at. I feel truly sick and tired of being accused of causing the drama in life. Being told I have my own life when all I have done is for this house, this place, one person. And I am made to feel like I am out for myself? If I was out for myself I would never have come here in a relationship, I would have left on my own, to wherever, even if it was a rented room, I dont give a fuck. I dont like being told that I have no where to go and the power that is held over my head. Go ahead, think you have the almighty power..its all bullshit. You can go ahead and say its all for me, you are only trying to take care of me and I am over it. STOP trying because you have fucked it up by being mentally abusive and emotionally gone.

All I have tried to do is help you feel PRESENT. Here..but you would rather be all about work, tell the fucking shit over and over. STOP. If you hate your fucking job so much then leave it at work and dont bring it home. When I was working I got in trouble for talking about work or work drama..I was told to get over it and it didnt matter.

Being told over and over my issues are all in my head, my perspective..Yet when you blow up over whatever you shit is its turned around and that is also my perspective. Own up motherfucker. Be present or you will lose everything. I am done caring at this point.