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What is your theme song?
Your theme song is I’m So Sick – Flyleaf.

You aren’t a very happy person. You are sick of the way your life is and just want to break out of it. Maybe you need to move…or at least take a vacation.

How could a song set you off..bring you up..or down..why am I so affected. I heard new songs that remind me of old ones, I imagine us singing, laughing..being silly..or just holding each other while they play. DO you hear them? DO you interpret them like I do? One especially got me today, like written for us, about us, where we are now, where we were.

I miss you, and once again tonight I am in tears, wrought with heartache and sadness. Your smell is lingering around me. How could that be? I sent you a card. No writing, no signature, but it said it all. I am blue. I saw the first letter of your name and it stabbed within..I wanted to wear it but it wouldn’t make things better. I sing to those songs and think you are singing to them too. You know I know. I know you know. I know you remember.