Will it ever get better. Will I? Every time I seem to find hope I lose it just as quickly.

I saw a photo and didn’t recognize her. It scared me to think I could forget the very thing I love. If only she would speak to me. Will she ever? What is she waiting for?

Being completely torn to shreds this week by someone I have NEVER hurt, NEVER was unkind to made me lose my head. I am still not right. still shaking inside. Yet the backlash from this is that I was the one to overreact. Fuck you. You who says “I am always trying” then cuts me down with a few words. How easy it is for you to put me down and think of me as nothing. And you wonder why I can crazy and fly off the handle as you put it. I am gonna fucking fly alright. As soon as I get my shit together I am flying and you will be the last to know where I have gone to. You think I need you..I don’t..none of what you give me is worth any of the shit I have taken for years now. You fucking wait.