Last time I sat and wrote here was nearly a year ago. How could time pass so fast. I have been through so much in the last year, rejection, more indecision, more health issues and lots of therapy. Still feeling unsettled, but made some changes to ensure some security for myself. It lifted a weight but there is still some feeling of dependency.

Being told to never contact someone who I thought was my life, my future, my love was maddening. No closure, no explanation.

Not being understood by someone I have tried to get along with for too long is frustrating beyond words. Control, narcissism, inciting arguments for what reason..who knows. I voiced my concerns, opinions, and thoughts and was shut down.

Had a trip in January that was refreshing, Had to go back to Moms in March and made my mind up then when I got home things would change. Well, they have. Time will tell if it works, if all will be sorted out. goes by too fast.