I may be new to WordPress, but I had a blog on MySpace years ago. Always revealing to go back and read something that I wrote, seeing how the ebb and flows of life interfered with my life in ways that changed me. I also learned from my old writings that I don’t seem to ever learn a real lesson.

Always thinking of myself as smart, street smart..I still have a serious weak link that eats away at me. I believe too hard and love too easily. It bites me in the ass again and again. I try so hard to not have expectations so I have no let downs but I cannot control what other people do or feel. The situations that have come to pass, still haunt me. They will never go away because the same people are still holding onto those same old hard feelings. What should be claimed as my feelings are always dismissed and outdone by others.

So, I write, draw, paint, and craft whatever comes out of my mind. I have interests in writing a book on poetry, one on love letters, With photographs that I have taken incorporated within them. I would also like to write my life story, I have many pages already and constantly make notes and add to it. Some day right?